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 Product name  Dextrose Monohydrate
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 Detailed specification

Dextrose Monohydrate is originated from corn starch which undergoes the process of saccharification, crystallization and dehydration

The sweet taste is an important characteristic of sugars and is quantified below.

Type of sweeteners and sugar Relative sweetness
Fructose 173
Sucrose 100
HFCS-42 100
Honey 97
Glucose 74.3
Maltose 32.5
Galactose 32.1
Lactose 16

Crystalline glucose serves as sweeteners in food and beverages to increase the sweetness, texture and color of food products. It can keep the moisture in food from evaporation. Glucose is commonly used in dairy products, ice-cream, soft drinks, cakes, candies, canned fruits, coffee or coco. Furthermore, crystalline glucose can form F42, F55, F90 high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose through isomerisation

Glucose is an immediate source of energy to human bodies. It can be absorbed into bloodstream directly without digestion. Monohydrate dextrose is therefore taken by patients in oral form or for transfusion. It can also be converted to sorbitol to produce vitamin C.
Crystalline glucose is an ideal fermentation agent as the conversion yield is higher compared to starch in the fermentation of food products. It is supplied with different enzymes to form antibiotics, vitamins, MSG, amino acids etc.
Glucose owes a simple chemical structure so it can be further synthesized to other chemical products, e.g sodium gluconate. The applications in chemical sectors include plastics, soap, insecticides, matches and explosives.

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