Food Additives 
     Ammonium Bicarbonate
     Citric Acid Anhydrous
     Citric Acid Monohydrate
     Dextrose Monohydrate
    Feed Additives 
     Choline Chloride 50% - 60%
     Corn Gluten Meal
     Dicalcium Phosphate

Visit the factory with Canada Customer

Everyone in the foreign trade business line will have the experience to company with his or her customer to visit his or her factory. Then, he or she shall make the following preparation work to make their visit to the factory a successful one.

This year,our company took a Canada customer Max to visit our factory.First,we picked up him at the hotel and had lunch together. After lunch, we came to our factory and showed Max around our factory.He examined our products which showed good quality and he was very satisfied with our products.Then,we discussed the order after visiting.Max is very talkable and good at business.Our boss Kevin Ma negotiated with him happily and gained his order.This is a new beginning.After that,we took Max go around Tianjin showing him our culture.We had a good time with Max.

Welcome customers all over the world to visit our factory.

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